Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sludge Monster

Godzilla was a 3 piece from Canada. Man I don't know where these dudes went, but they were friends of mine on Mice pace. I fell in love with their Cyclopean Sludge. Only to see their profile disappear a few months later. Its not the most technical or polished recording, but damnit if it doesn't get my head bobbling like one of those stupid plastic dogs people put in the back window of their cars. It's definitely what sludge is about, blues, freaky rhythm lines and yelling like a goddamned fool. It's three tracks that run together similar to Sleeps Jerusalem. They change tempo like an unpracticed band but it works in its own weird way. If you don't believe me, first off fuck you, second off Download it and leave me a comment proving otherwise.

*Best enjoyed with 4 tiny pieces of homemade Black Tar Opium in a steamroller (man that sounds good right about now)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zeka Dave

Pronounced ZEE-KUH DAH-VEY

What can I say about this CD...this dude...this madness?? I dunno, I grew up with this dude and I am still shocked at some of the shit that he spats out at will. And I am talking about a "regular" phone call with him. Put a mic and editing software in front of him and you can forget keeping a straight face. He is like a one man Mr. Show. If you don't know Mr. Show was a great skit comedy, like SNL but R rated. When we got out of high School, he got a job DJing at the local Rock station (Rock107 R.I.P.) He was the Friday overnighter and had a show Called "2 Hours to Kill". Dude already had heavy tastes but this Metal show opened his ears to some extreme and obscure shit, to say the least. In the back room of the Station there was a little studio to produce comercials and intro's in. It was complete with some sort of noise procesor to change your voice into "Car Comercial Man". He learned to utilize the editing software and the procesor for more than intro making. He would use his voice and objects struck together and alter them/edit them in a way that resembled songs. Its crazy some of the shit he could come up with this way. This man would come home at like 5 a.m. and say "Hey man I got another tape you wanna wake and bake and hear this new shit?" Well if you know me,I cant pass up a buzz. He would put in these crappy cassette tapes that had ZEKA DAVE written on them and I would listen to this otherworldly madness...this noise that came from the space between space, utterly....hmmm...amazed. He eventually put those tapes together for the first CD "Pronounced- zee-kuh-dah-vey" ((Correct me if I am wrong)) shit was so good it spawned a second CD "Pronounced eet-kuh-rap" and a live recording, no procesing or editing including a few of us who lived with him. Aptly titled "Zeka Dave and Friends".

The madman himself...The Indy Noise God, Mel Duncan is:
ZEKA DAVE " Pronounced eet-kuh-rap"

*Best enjoyed with a spliff of mid's at 5 a.m.

I Didn't Spit in This.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gasface Killer

Sarin- Nihilist....they really don't care trust me.

Sarin is a noise group made up of Steve O'Malley or SOMA and Edgy59. Two doom gods ,in my book anyway. They are a big chunk of Burning Witch. As I have said BW is one of my Fav's and in my attempt to have everything I stumbled upon this tape. I lucked into the real deal, artwork, bag and all. Popped it in and wow, Nihilist covers the sound well. They didn't care for your ears or your pleasure. But me being me, I loved it. I have given it 4 to 5 full spins and have played tracks for friends. Lots of skreetching and weird sounds with what could be guitars?? maybe. Anyway, If you don't have it, here it is in all its Obnoxious Glory.

*Best enjoyed with....man fuck it, roll up a couple of commercial doobies for this one.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Burning Witch Demo & Live Card

Don't leave home without this card.
Well what can I say here, Burning Witch is an all time favorite. My most obsessive record hunt (Completed). Then they re-release it all on a 2xCD. That's all good I prefer my 220g Rift, Canyon, Dreams to the plastic cd anyday. Back to this rip, this isn't Crippled Lucifer. This is a 3 song demo and 4 song live freebie card that came with the re-release. Thanks to Mr. Britts I had the live shit for a while. But the demo's...so fucking good. It's cool to hear different recordings of your favorite BW tracks, these are well produced, non Albini, Towers era songs. Don't get me wrong, Albini is brilliant, love the way he makes a drum kit sound, but it's killer to hear a loud Bell toll in just the right spot on Tower Place, a spot 3:24 in where it doesn't toll on the record. Ill. Also the moans in Sea Hag are sooo fucking melancholic and spooky. It makes ya feel like a Burning Witch Sonic Ritual should....like a sonofabitch drowning in a cosmic sea on the edge of reality. Edgy sounds a bit different, but great none the less. The Live tracks, recorded in Seattle in 96, are nothing to push to the side. Prime cuts played a bit faster seemingly to fit in the last gem. An unreleased (as far as I can tell) song called Jubilex. This is good shit. Period. Here is the track listing, the link follows that.
1) Country Doctor Demo
2)Tower Place/ Sea Hag Demo
3)Sea Hag Live
4)Country Doctor Live
5)Bleeder Live
6)Jubilex Live

*Best enjoyed with a clean glass piece stuffed with G13 (goverment Rx)

Burn Her!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

First Upload, Mad Village Demos


This shit is "Comedy Hip Hop" the likes this worlds never seen. The funniest cuts, from INVERTED CLIT to RUBBER GROMMET will have you laughing you ass off in seconds. The Bauerbuilt Commercial will show you the skit side of these West Side/ South Side lyrical collaborators. Damn near 20 tracks to crack that ass up. This is not for the Little Wayne fans, this is more for the fan of Kool Kieth's silliest of shit. Please just take it and spread it around. These dudes are actually working on a pro produced second release set to come out early next year on Metal First. Live performances have and will continue to happen (with new comer DJ Lyrikill on the 1's and 2's) around town as soon as the next joint is finished.

*Best enjoyed with a bowl of Kentucky Kush sprinkled with Northern Lights Keef
Demos 4 Dem Hoes


An excellent early recording of Chrononaut 1 and 2 (on 1 track) from Brit Doom Gods ELECTRIC WIZARD. ORANGE GOBLIN treats our ears with a fucking brilliant cover of the awesome Black Sabbath dirge Hand of Doom. This thing came out on Man's Ruin around late 1997 I believe. Enjoy and keep an eye out for an Electric Wizard BBC live session I will post very soon.

* Best enjoyed with a water pipe stuffed with White Widow and a dash of hash.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

...this BLOG thing the kids have been chirping about

Yea so I am sorta getting the hang of this blog shit. I kinda like it even though only one person reads it right now. I have had a good experience expressing myself and can't wait to do more of that shit in longer bursts down the road. I will also be posting some music on here soon too. Some of my favorite hard to find pieces and some of our own shit too.
Also, spread the word if you happen across this blog, I promise it will be getting interesting as our musical releases spew forth and some of out film projects come to fruition. If I know you and you want to contribute please drop me a line. I would love to have more like minded people posting on this blog. AaronMaiden is on the list so far. Also if you want to act in some of our short films or possibly in a web TV show in the works drop me a line. This filming will be done in Indianapolis and the surrounding towns. You would be paid in food, booze and maybe something else. Anywho...enough rambling from me...stay tuned and as Cliff Spab said SO FUCKING WHAT.